Making learning as easy as a song!


Listening to Margi’s CD is enjoyment for the whole family. The music and songs are amazing, and my kids sing their multiplication tables and spelling songs with such enjoyment, they don’t even realize they are learning!”

Ariela Rosenberg
Head of educator empowerment, ORT South Africa
Google certified teacher

Margi Kopping’s CDs are the most fantastic learning aids to make learning meaningful and fun. The catchy songs promote easy learning for children to recall the important information – maths and spelling have never been so much fun! Sing along in your home and car, and siblings of all ages can join in for an exciting learning experience.

These CDs have reduced both my child’s and my stress when going homework as tables and difficult irregular spelling words are easily recalled.”

Orna Hirschowitz
Mother of 3 children and former teacher

“Learning multiplication tables and English spelling can be difficult, and not very exciting! How much more so for a child who learns slower! NOT so with “Sing and Learn”. The music, rhythm and repetition make it easy to internalize the information, and even easier to recall it from the child’s memory bank. This is an exciting and stimulating adjunct to learning”

Caryn Berman
Occupational Therapist

Margi – thank you for your CD! Both Jessica and my 6 year old, Dylan, LOVE IT! He has learnt most of the songs already, and he loves to sing along, reading the booklet. It is fantastic! Well done!”

Justine K.
Mother of 3 children

Hi Margi. By accident I came across the CD “Sing and Learn” I was most impressed with the contents. I have been searching for something like this for a long time, as I have a 7 year granddaughter who is finding spelling a bit of a challenge! This CD has been real lifeline!”

Mrs B. Bosch

“As the mother of 2 primary school children, and a former Junior Primary teacher, I found the CD “Sing and Learn with Margi Kopping” both fun and of great educational value. I can highly recommend this CD!”

Lisa Kahn
Mother of 2 children, and former teacher

“Hi there! I purchased a copy of Sing and Learn this weekend. I have a 6 year old son who absolutely loves your catchy times table songs. I cannot believe how quickly he has learnt to count in twos, three, fours and fives.”

Mrs Michelle Brown

“Tunes that stick in your head. Answers you’ll never forget. A fantastic way of memorizing tables and difficult spelling words! A must for kids in every home!”

Belinda Liebmann
Head of Grade One
King David Junior School, Linksfield

“Dear Margi, …some of my earliest memories are of your classes with your guitar and songs. I think there was one about pulling carrots from the ground. This was all almost 20 years ago – but I still remember the words! Farmer Brown’s vegetable patch – that was how I first learnt my 3x table.”

A. Wolf
An ex-pupil
Mechanical engineer in Toronto, Canada