Making learning as easy as a song!

About Margi Kopping

When I was a pupil at school, I discovered a brilliant way to learn my work. Having learnt to play the piano from the age of 5, and then teaching myself to play the guitar, I realized that I could make up catchy tunes for myself, add some words, and remember my work with incredible ease. I continued to do this as a student teacher, when I first started teaching children – with amazing results. The children were able to learn their tables and spellings in the blink of an eye… And so, “Sing and Learn” was born!

As a highly experienced teacher in the Junior Primary Phase (+25 years), I have found that music and song are the most superb learning and teaching tools. Our children hear the latest songs on their ipods, cellphones, on the TV and the radio – and they can sing the songs, word for word off by heart! How simple then, to learn the words of a song that teaches valuable information, and makes learning fun!

I use these songs constantly in my classroom, with incredible results! My Grade 2 and Grade 3 classes know all their times tables from the 2x table – 9x table, and learning these tables has been as easy as learning a song! Irregular spelling words are incorporated into a catchy, memorable tune, and the word is easily remembered, just by humming the tune!